Inverse (Laokoon)

Video Installation

360┬░ video and audio, VR headset
Length of the video loop: 13'21"


Inverse (Laokoon)

Concert performance recorded on November 2016 in Zurich
Musicians and Models: Isabel Gehweiler with Franziska Staubli, Joan Jordi with Andrea Boll, Nuriya Khasenova with Charles Ng, Moritz Roelcke with Cornelius Jacobeit, directed by Florian Dombois with Leonardo Ferreira Silva
Score: Florian Dombois
Camera: Stefan Dux
Sound recording: Carlo Raselli
Sound Mastering: Thomas Rechberger
Live heartbeat: Bojan Milosevic, Raimund Vogtenthuber
Stage crew: Lukas Keller, Jasmin Phasuk, Michel Weber
Video editing: Florian Dombois, Stefan Dux