Auditory Seismology

Landscape Project

Listening to the Tectonics of Planet Earth


Auditory Seismology

Starting from an analogy of seismic and sonic recordings. The waveform. Realising that the earth is also a sounding solid that constantly stimulates itself. The vibrating surface of the earth, whose movement can be transferred to the membrane of a loudspeaker, and there transposed with accelerated reproduction into the human hearing range. The inaudible becomes audible. The compression of a day of global movement into 40 seconds of sound. And then the fathoming of those concerts that nobody hears. First the bang of big quakes, but then more and more the search for the delicate vibrations, the intermediate tones of tectonic activity. A round body that has no sweet spot and supports every point of hearing. A spherical space into which we listen from everywhere to everywhere. And than the exhibition space as auditory architecture.

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