Art as Research I: The Institute Y

Landscape Project

An Institute for Transdisciplinarity in the Arts


Art as Research I: The Institute Y

A search for an encounter between the arts at eye level. A rejection of the Gesamtkunstwerk, no total theatre, no mutual enslavement of the arts. And also no flooding of the spectator, but respect instead. The confession of not-knowing as an artist, in the Socratic sense. And yet, not to stop trying to keep at it, to engage even without progress. To want to learn from the other arts and to support the students in gifting and profiting from their neighbours. To make them explain their own art, develop it, promote it and characterize it to each other, even though they are still a fresh*wo*man themself. An education that seeks its drive in one's own enthusiasm. And all this under the name Y, which is what it shows: a junction, a fork, a place where things come together or go apart.

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